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Norwegian for

Cheers, Friends

The Cocktail Lounge at Skaalvenn Distillery

was created by us to give you a taste of the experiences, flavors, and hospitality we loved most from our trips to Japan. The bar is designed to be a special place where you and your friends always feel at home. Please be patient while waiting on your drinks–we are trying to achieve perfection.

Many hours of work have gone into designing and making each cocktail. We believe in taking care of our employees and our goal is to someday soon provide them with quality healthcare–a rarity in the bar industry. Our cocktails are priced accordingly.

We’re glad you’ve found us and hope you’ve found a new friend.

-Mary and Tyson
Owners of Skaalvenn Distillery

Cocktail Lounge Hours:
Friday: 4-9:30 pm
Saturday: 3-9:30 pm
(9:30 is the time the final 90 minute reservation begins)

  • Reservations strongly recommended as we have very limited seating
  • Walk-ins accepted based on availability. We will be taking your name and phone number in case of contact tracing
  • All visitors have a time limit of 90 minutes due to COVID-19 regulations
  • Please arrive a few minutes early for your reservation so that you can enjoy the full 90 minute stay
  • Upon your arrival, please wait in the hallway near the host stand, maintaining at least 6 feet between other parties

Mask Usage Rules!

  • Masks are required. If you don’t follow this rule, you will be told to leave
  • If you are sitting at the bar, mask usage is required at all times between bites or sips
  • Masks must be worn any time a server or bartender approaches your table
  • Masks must be worn at all times when not seated
  • Our house, our rules. No exceptions, no complaints
  • These rules are strongly enforced to keep our team and customers safe

Make your reservation by using the link below:

At this time we are only releasing reservations 1 week in advance.

Open for adventure.

Whether you wear flannel or Chanel, drive an Escort or an Escalade, live in a mobile home or a model home — you’ll always feel welcome at Skaalvenn Distillery.

Please call or email before stopping by outside cocktail lounge hours — we wouldn’t want to miss you.

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