The Heavy Table reviews Habanero Rum

The Heavy Table describes themselves as “a daily Twin Cities-based magazine passionately telling the stories of food and drink — from roots to table — in the Upper Midwest.” and they’ve been collecting some of the best food, beer and spirits journalists in Minnesota to become one of the most respected blogs on the industry.

One of the things we most like about The Heavy Table is they are one of the few publications who’s not afraid to write open and honest critiques, and we were nervous about what they had to say about our Habanero rum.

Photo credit: Paige Latham and The Heavy Table

Paige Latham was The Heavy Table’s journalist to reach out for a sample, and this is a quote from the article: “It is spicy, to the point where drinking it straight requires ice, at the very least. But after a few sips, it proved to be a favorite…

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