The Heavy Table reviews Habanero Rum

The Heavy Table describes themselves as “a daily Twin Cities-based magazine passionately telling the stories of food and drink — from roots to table — in the Upper Midwest.” and they’ve been collecting some of the best food, beer and spirits journalists in Minnesota to become one of the most respected blogs on the industry.

One of the things we most like about The Heavy Table is they are one of the few publications who’s not afraid to write open and honest critiques, and we were nervous about what they had to say about our Habanero rum.

Photo credit: Paige Latham and The Heavy Table

Paige Latham was The Heavy Table’s journalist to reach out for a sample, and this is a quote from the article: “It is spicy, to the point where drinking it straight requires ice, at the very least. But after a few sips, it proved to be a favorite…

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Skaalvenn’s Habanero Rum makes 2016 Eater Holiday Gift Guide

Skaalvenn’s Habanero Rum makes Eater’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Photo courtesy of Katie Cannon Photography and Eater Minneapolis

If you follow the Minnesota food and beverage industry, you know that even a mention by Eater Minneapolis is quite an accomplishment.  We’re honored and humbled to have our Habanero Rum selected for their 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.  Food critic Joy Summers starts off the description as “Before you write this spirit off as a novelty, you’ve got to take a taste….

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Press Release – Habanero Rum

Brooklyn Park, MN – Skaalvenn Distillery has released their core trio of products (vodka, rum, and aquavit) they originally set out to make. Now that the business is stable and growing they are focusing on creating adventurous, new spirits which aren’t in the market. Their latest product is exactly that—Habanero Rum. The description on the bottle reads:
“Made with habanero and Thai chili peppers, this spicy rum boldly goes where few dare to tread.”

hrum-4Skaalvenn’s goal with Habanero Rum is to usher in a new era of spicy cocktails which are sparse on menus around the country. It’s not a candy liqueur, and its heat level certainly isn’t tame or the norm for a product of Minnesota. It’s so spicy that Skaalvenn’s marketing strategy is to tell people not to buy it because it’s got more heat than they can handle–in case the red, devilish Viking and the word “Habanero” wasn’t enough of a warning. If black pepper makes you sweat, you’ll want to stay clear of this one.

Tasting notes:

First impression is the prominent yet pleasant nose of fresh habaneros with a hint of tropical fruit– it doesn’t burn but induces a noticeable reaction from the salivary
and sweat glands. Oh yeah, this one’s going to be hot!

Upon tasting, there is a smooth and creamy mouth feel. The light rum note is boosted by the flavor and heat of habanero, which moves through the palate. The burn of the peppers fade quickly enough to warrant further sipping. Thai chili peppers bring some heat to the tip of the tongue and add a subtle finish.

Mixing it into a sweet cocktail such as a mango daiquiri makes for an amazingly sweet and spicy battle. Adding a splash of Habanero Rum to a savory drink such as a Bloody Mary will give it a nice punch of heat.

Skaalvenn also hopes the Habanero Rum will be a favorite for the bar scene as bartenders will no longer be required to spend hours making infusions to spice up their cocktail menus. Skaalvenn products are distributed by Vinocopia and are in over 250 bars and liquor stores across Minnesota.

For further information, or to schedule a tasting please contact:

Skaalvenn Distillery
8601 73rd Ave North #28
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

About Skaalvenn Distillery: Skaalvenn is locally owned and operated and distilling rum in April 2015. Since then, Skaalvenn’s line of products expanded to include vodka, aquavit and now the habanero rum. The distillery does not have a cocktail room or retail area—tours are available by appointment only.

On the Tom Barnard Show


We were not only surprised, but extremely honored to have been contacted by the Tom Barnard Show saying that Tom Barnard himself wants us to come tell our story. We grew up hearing Tom’s recognizable voice on the radio and never thought in a million years that we’d be sitting in his recording studio and broadcasting a live show. Thanks to Tom and his wonderful family for having us on!

You can either listen to the podcast, or watch the video feed while listening (the video below should start playing at 53:53).

Thanks to The Heavy Table!

This has been an exciting week for us here at Skaalvenn as two of our favorite food and beverage bloggers wrote about us!

Thanks to Paige at Heavy Table for coming out and squeezing us into their blog!

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Thanks to Eat.Dish.Drink MPLS for the article!

Our foodie friends over at Eat.Drink.Dish MPLS gave us a writeup on their blog.  If you’re passionate about food and drink and live in the Minneapolis/St Paul area you should follow them.

Thanks for the writeup!


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We are 100% Approved!!!


Finally, we made it!   

As of about 10:30AM today, on the 21st of April 2015, the state of Minnesota completed the final approval for Skaalvenn Distillery to start operations!

This has been a long, stressful, expensive yet fun process for us.  Skaalvenn Distillery has officially been a business for over a year, we’ve been paying rent in our commercial space here in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota since July of 2014.  We have been approved by the feds, the state of Minnesota, the city of Brooklyn Park, and all other agencies.

What’s next?  We are starting up our fermenters, then we will be distilling, bottling and sending our Vodka & Rum to the distributor (Vinocopia) so that they can be distributed to Minnesota liquor stores, bars & restaurants.

What does the future hold?  In the near future we will be starting tours.  In the far future the sky is the limit.  Since we at Skaalvenn actually ferment and distill our own products (many micro “distilleries” simply purchase bulk commercially made alcohol and call it handcrafted gin/vodka/whiskey) we are able to play around and experiment with new recipes as much as we want.

Do you like our microdistillery and want to help us out?  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram & Twitter @skaalvenn and like/share our statuses.  Want us to see something?  Just tag your post with the hashtag #skaalvenn

Pillage Responsibly.