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This has been an exciting week for us here at Skaalvenn as two of our favorite food and beverage bloggers wrote about us!

Thanks to Paige at Heavy Table for coming out and squeezing us into their blog!

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Thanks to Eat.Dish.Drink MPLS for the article!

Our foodie friends over at Eat.Drink.Dish MPLS gave us a writeup on their blog.  If you’re passionate about food and drink and live in the Minneapolis/St Paul area you should follow them.

Thanks for the writeup!


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We are 100% Approved!!!


Finally, we made it!   

As of about 10:30AM today, on the 21st of April 2015, the state of Minnesota completed the final approval for Skaalvenn Distillery to start operations!

This has been a long, stressful, expensive yet fun process for us.  Skaalvenn Distillery has officially been a business for over a year, we’ve been paying rent in our commercial space here in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota since July of 2014.  We have been approved by the feds, the state of Minnesota, the city of Brooklyn Park, and all other agencies.

What’s next?  We are starting up our fermenters, then we will be distilling, bottling and sending our Vodka & Rum to the distributor (Vinocopia) so that they can be distributed to Minnesota liquor stores, bars & restaurants.

What does the future hold?  In the near future we will be starting tours.  In the far future the sky is the limit.  Since we at Skaalvenn actually ferment and distill our own products (many micro “distilleries” simply purchase bulk commercially made alcohol and call it handcrafted gin/vodka/whiskey) we are able to play around and experiment with new recipes as much as we want.

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Pillage Responsibly.

Thanks to Channel 12 and Minnesota Business Magazine!

With all the excitement going on we completely forgot to give mention on this page to the two latest media outlets to feature us!

On February 12th Erica Rivera from Minnesota Business Magazine featured us in this online article here:

On Februrary 23rd Alexandra Renslo of from Channel 12 News in the Northwest Suburbs featured us on their news channel.

A huge “thank you” to Minnesota Business Magazine and Channel 12!


The first decoration has arrived.

We’re proud of our family heritage.

All combined we have some Norwegian, German, Cambodian, Chinese, and a hint of Native American.


Above all else.  We are American.  We were born and raised here in the USA.  If America didn’t exist, Tyson’s ancestors wouldn’t have come across the Atlantic from Norway and Germany.  If America didn’t exist Mary’s family wouldn’t have come across the Pacific from Cambodia.  If the United States never existed, Mary and Tyson would have never met.

So it’s fitting.  Before we brought in anything else, we brought in the United States flag.

Buckle your seat belts and hang on.  It’s going to be a fun ride!

We signed our lease!

Today, we took the plunge and signed the lease for our commercial space!

This is incredibly exciting (and scary) for us.  It’s the first big step towards opening up.  We don’t have investors, big bank loans or rich friends helping us out…It’s do or die trying!

We’ll follow up with pictures of the space and our progress as it comes along!

Skål Venn!